Panelling Look 2 – Step by Step

Indola launched the Street Collection 2020 recently introducing us to the season’s must-have blockbuster technique #panelling, which has been used in both of the collection’s looks. Here’s a step by step guide on how to create Panelling Look 2 from the Street Style Looks 2020.

Panelling Look 2

This trend is all about the warm autumnal shades that create an interesting palette of subtle, yet present colour. The styling is sleek and rounded to showcase in full force the colour work in the fringe.


STEP 1: Section the hair as shown.

STEP 2: Start from the front hairline and move to cross the centre back. Elevation 90 degrees.

STEP 3: Cross check and complete other side.

STEP 4: Dry off the underneath and refine outline.

STEP 5: Separate the top in 2 sections as shown. Start at the front and cut in the fringe.

STEP 6: Continue this working your way up to the top of the head.

STEP 7: Using your guide, connect into the back.

STEP 8: Dry the hair and remove excess bulk.

Colour Recipe

STEP 1: Section as shown. The panelling pattern will sit neatly in the fringe section.

STEP 2: Apply Color 1 all over the remaining hair and all over roots, including the panelling section.

STEP 3: Let develop for 20 minutes before starting the next step.

STEP 4: Start creating the panels by applying Color 2 in the mid lengths in very fine sections.

STEP 5: In the same sections apply Color 3 to the ends of every section.

STEP 6: Repeat this pattern application throughout the entire fringe section.

STEP 7: Let develop for 10 more minutes. For a total development time of 40 minutes.

FORMULA: Color 1:PCC 4.0 + 6% (1:1) Color 2:XPRESS COLOR 6.65 + 9% (1:1) Color 3:XPRESS COLOR 6.65 + 6% (1:1

Products used


Key Styling

STEP 1: Wrap dry the hair using a flat brush.

STEP 2: Add SMOOTH SERUM to add shine.

STEP 3: Squeeze the hair using your hands to create desired finish.

STEP 4: Use FLEXIBLE HAIR SPRAY to distort the shape.




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